Bluetooth Auto Connect

A solution to your bluetooth connection problems


About Us

What is this app?

Connect to all Bluetooth devices quickly and without errors using Bluetooth Auto Connect

Bluetooth Auto Connect is a new generation application that will allow any Android smartphone to connect Bluetooth audio headset, devices, or just pinch files.

You can plug in multiple devices and headsets to your Android at once and they will work perfectly. You can turn Bluetooth off when you don't use them often. This is useful when you need to perform multiple tasks at the same time.


The app will fix bluetooth, turn on bluetooth when the device is nearby, and let you automatically connect devices using bluetooth. You will always have a good automatic connection that allows you to share files without any problems.

Main features

  • Automatic connection to all devices
  • Many global profiles (Media audio, A2DP Call audio, Health, Networking, Phone Book)
  • Prioritize devices/select profiles for each
  • Bluetooth status management for docked, incoming / outgoing calls, play notification
  • Turn Bluetooth off after inactivitу
  • Advanced settings
  • Work with tasker app(integration run task tasker)
  • Tasker and Locale plugin
  • Audio notification (play notification sound)


  • Media audio (A2DP)
  • Call audio (HSP)
  • Health (HDP)
  • Input Device (HID)
  • Networking (PAN)
  • Phone Book (PBAP)


Mark Benson

Nice! Previously, first on the phone, you had to turn on the bluetooth and find the right device to connect. And with that I turned it on and that's it! Great, thank you.”

Clodagh Hodgson

“Hooray! Finally, my phone automatically connects to the radio in the car when the devices are turned on. Thanks to the developers!”

Leopold Clements

“The app is super! Connects all devices (for example, bluetooth speaker and smart watch) quickly and conveniently. I really liked it! I advise everyone!”

Francisco Woodard

"It works perfectly with a smart watch! Previously, manipulations with the connection were annoying. Now the connection is made with one touch."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Now we will explain what is the essence of bluetooth itself and what this application is for. When bluetooth is turned on on your device and for example you start a car or any other BT device, the device broadcasts information about itself and the phone intercepts this signal. But not all devices automatically signal their presence and not all Android smartphones can intercept this signal.

    For this, the Bluetooth Auto Connect application was created. Since Android does not intercept the signal on its own, you cannot connect the device automatically. Based on this, we need a trigger to initiate a BT connection. The trigger for initiating a connection can be BT On, Sreen On, or any other. However, the app can't just connect instantly when your car starts up as it doesn't know about it.

  • This application is designed for a certain number of profiles. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to add more as Google does not allow.

  • This application is designed to correct the connection and make it more accurate and automated. It will not be able to fix the problem of no sound in one earbud or in earphones in general. Also, it will not be able to fix the problems of the devices themselves. Therefore, if you have a problem with the gadget itself, you need to fix it first.

  • Due to the new Android firmware in version 4.3, there is such an error. Non-system applications should not affect the smartphone OS in any way. According to our research, this error also occurs with other applications such as Skype. In short, the crash is due to the Bluetooth stack causing the system to reboot. We have not yet found a solution to this problem, but Google should fix this problem soon. It is likely that creating shortcuts instead of the Screen On event will fix the problem.

  • If the application does not work for you, please provide us with more information. For example, setPriority does not work or does not connect the gadget, and then we can help you.

    Follow this instruction if your application does not work for some reason:

    Check if the devices are paired and specified in the Bluetooth settings. Then make sure they can connect and are displayed in the settings. If so, the Bluetooth Auto Connect application will be able to automate the connection itself.

  • Each Bluetooth profile has priority. The information in it indicates whether the device itself is disabled, enabled, or configured to automatically connect. But not all ROMs support this option. When adding this function, some devices started to work erratically. Some of them had a blockage problem that would drain the battery. If you have such a problem, then you can disable this option in the advanced settings.

    But there is a nuance - if you previously disable the profile priority, automatic connection will no longer work. To enable this feature you need to do the following: Turn on Bluetooth and go to Android BT settings. Then find the device you need, click on it and go to profiles, then check the connection of all profiles. By enabling profiles, you set the enable priority. If you want to disable the device - disable the profile checkbox. Instead, tap the device and it turns off. By unchecking the checkbox from the device profile, you disable priority by this action.

  • All you need to do is enable logs: go to Settings and go to the advanced section and enable debug logs. They will log all application events to your SDCard (org.myklos.btautoconnect.log file). This file will be attached to the report in the "Send Feedback" option.

  • This issue has nothing to do with the application. There are times when, for example, a car radio, after disconnecting, requires re-pairing with the phone and asks for a pin code. It is necessary to register the phone as a permanent and auto-resisted connection in order to avoid re-entering the PIN code in the future. If you have this problem see the manual. There is another way to solve it - this is using Tasker to enter the Pincode, if you were unable to fix the error manually, use this application in Google.